Saturday, January 8, 2011

dis is not an update about my winter trip (maybe a bit)

i woke up 11.30am today and immediately started skyping with my friend..for about 2 hours gossiping and updating each other. then i had my brunch. then i took my bath, and stared at my laptop. for hours.. and hours.. and hours.. called my mom, updated her about my trip. and then watched japanese movies.. then ordered food. then chatted.. then looked at my ym, about people complaining about them gaining weight. dem la, kenapa xnaik2 berat nie! im at 39kg right now! i mean like seriously if anyone say dat they wanna be like me, im gonna kill 'em! my legs are as thin as sticks! ahhhhh stresss! T_____________T i know im not eating regularly, so dats why im doing my grocery tomorrow! im gonna eat a lot of chicken and rice until tuesday! im gonna do a lot of cooking! because once my semester starts, im only gonna eat at Rand or order food online.

okay im gonna talk about my trip..too.. haha..

things that i regretted :
1) i translated tabung and it says money box like wth so im gonna use tabung instead. there's this tabung that i saw in vegas and it was so pretty! but it was so darn expensive! im not sure, either 20/25/30usd. i seriously want it badly. :(
2) i wished i didnt have my pms in the early days of the trip hahaha. i kinda get emotional and complained about everything.
3) i wished we had checked the weather before going to San Fransisco then we would have avoided the jam and spent another day there :(

things that i like :
1) i got closer and talked a lot to people that i rarely talked before
2) we went to three beaches! although we didnt actually go into water, just a bittt because its cold, but im happy! :)
3) had A LOT OF GREAT FOOD! tho it cost me a lot haha
4) i got to buy my 'Thing 4' shirt finally! hihi, i bought one alread for my twin last year. got to buy other shirts too! oh mak asked me if i buy something for her and i said no, but i buy sumthin for my dad tho lol. then mak said im being berat sebelah! kah3! XD