Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What do you think?

i want this soooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

question me. i'll try my best to give an answer :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

update part 1

malas lagi la nk update psal midwest, esok or malam ni lah. btw. i’ve been to malls at coolspring, green hills, times square NY and also outlets at Gatlinburg, NY, Wisconsin for a total of i think 12/13 freakin times! and finally rse bosan shopping dah hahaha. gile lah baru sebulan duit da tettttt rahsie. lepas ni janji xshopping dah except VS je 14 hb nie..coz got sale! arini kecewa gile igtkn ade lg mid-annual sale tp dah habis da huaaa ;(

lepastu semalam makan pinkberry, try la flavor baru, salted caramel yikes xsedap gile. rase caramel+coffee. since im not a big fan of coffee.. so xsedap lah plus weird ah. i miss you coconut sobss. n arini pinkberry lg HAHAHA. okay seyes pasni xmakan dah KECUALI KALO ADE ORANG BELANJE HEE~~ n semalam pun ade org belanja bubble tea yesh alhamdulillah ahhh hik. sedap mcm fkir2 gk smlam nk pinkberry ke bubble tea ke, nsib plih pinkberry, dpt rse dua2! hik3~

n there’s a leakage yesterday at my room. n when i got up today, another one leakage, so two leakages! the second one kena tilam kot so gross jijik la. dhla wrna kuning ewww. seyes rse karat kot.. tapi mustahil la sewage HISH JIJIK GILE! SAMAN JUGA KANG VANDY NIH! bgongg!

okay sekian update terbaru. nk habiskan pinkberry smbil tgk cite jap. pancit nih baru balik green hills. *beli belt and tank top murah je siweyesly. kott..* oh malam ni nak tgok xmen! tp cm malas actually. sbb 12 tgh mlam aiyok. tgok lah cemane

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st final : mass transfer

I'll be sitting for a final at 2pm, roughly in 3 hours and a half.. I'm so darn tired, not really, but my brain is. and guess what? I haven't covered all the materials yet. they are just too, too many. praying for an easy final coming from Jennings? that is close to impossible people. wish me luck! terangkan hati supaya senang faham soalan, and cukup masa utk jawab. :(

Friday, April 22, 2011


so, i decided to use wordpress for now. not that im deleting this blog tho. i just need a change hee~ click here!

people, click the link pretty please!~~


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Soooo, hi people!

This week has been a hectic one! i don't know why, i only have one HW which I don't even looked at yet, and an exam last night, yes people, mass transfer. mass transfer doesn't rhyme with Hani! Prof. Jenning never fail to make me feel like a retarded for each exam. 0.o basically, IT WAS HARD.

the exam finished at 8pm, and i had my dinner and slept for an hour, but i couldn't really slept tho because i kept thinking that i have to wake up later that night. WHY?? because Hani needed to analyse data for her FINAL CHEME LAB! we finished at 3.30am and i only managed to sleep like after my Subuh prayer. that is like close to 6am i guess. and i couldn't sleep! my body was tired but my eyes won't closed! urgh!

then i woke up today at 10.30am and did my slides. until 12pm. yeah i didn't bath yet that time. at 12.25pm, i was preparing to go to arabic class, but then Wany ym-ed me and said that i read wrong data. but i cant change it now! i have the freakin presentation this evening! we have to send the lab report tomorrow. and so i didn't go to Arabic class. gosh Gure must be freaking pissed at us, especially me! i skipped his class for a week before. i was just too busy Gure!!!!!! T.T

off to lunch...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i dont have a tumblr, so i obviously cant reblog (wait, shouldnt it be retumblr? XD) so instead, i copy paste the image url. lol not funny Hani. (~>.>)~ --> this is supposed to look cute, but it kinda looks creepy in a way...

anyway, i have an exam tomorrow.. and i cant believe final exam is next week already! OMG..

the future that lies ahead me, its a scary thought.. okay gotta start do something. ciaow!~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the sight of you annoys me

last month's pms brought me to tear, this time, it fills me up with irrelevant hatred. sheesh sorry peeps.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

love story

elehhh korg expect aku nak cerita dekat sini ke? piiirahhhhh hahaha

i told dad and mom about someone. then..

dad : hani pikat juniors la (juniors as in younger than me). seniors tu hampas je, dah lama dah, yg orang tanak. juniors baru2 lg. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.

mom : hani jangan cari orang yang hani suka. amek orang yang suka hani. senang. macam mak, abah hang tu gila2kan mak sangat, smpai xleh tido malam. mak tengok muka boleh tahan la, pandai, pastu kewangan pun stabil, mak pun terima je la, senang hidup. hahaha perasan gile mak sape ntah. =P

Saturday, April 9, 2011

of three flavors

honey and vanilla are so-so friends. honey likes chocolate, but chocolate likes vanilla. :(

Saturday, April 2, 2011

100 facts about me #part 2

1) i listen to pop, rnb, a little bit of ballad, rock, sometimes metal, and of course KPOP! ^^

2) i used to like blue color the most, but now soft, pastel colors are my thing now. i don't really like dark colors because i kinda get influenced by colors a lot, dark colors ruined my mood, they make me pretty moody at times haha..

3) i don't watch cartoon since a few years ago, idk, maybe im too mature for cartoon already? LOL but i'll never get bored of Shin Chan! ^^

4) i like medical dramas such as House and Grey's Anatomy. i don't watch typical girls' dramas like Gossip Girl, Glee etc.. oh i like to watch horror movies even though im a scaredy cat! i need to watch it with at least one person though, so that i can hold on to her hand or hug or hide behind her hahahaha! *and oh i scream a lot too -_-' *

5) i am really picky, i won't eat something that i don't like even though i am very hungry at the very moment. and i don't really like sharing spoon or straw. its a hygiene thing for me..

6) im actually running out of ideas haha.. what else.. oh i don't drink coffee. so i usually get double chocolaty chip at Starbucks :D

7) i LOVE chocolate but vanilla is really not my thing. my friends are saying that im weird because vanilla flavor is the most favored by a lot of people.. but urgh i dont like it =P

8) even though i have lived in America for almost three years, i still can't get myself to love cheese. i can eat cheese in burger, but not mac and cheese, or anything that has a huge proportion of cheese.

9) i love travelling! i have been to panama, texas, los angeles, san fransisco, vegas, grand canyon, florida, miami, key west, purdue, new orleans and michigan! but i wish to go to Korea soon ^^

10) i wanna try travelling alone or with someone *cough3* sometime in the future.. =p


I should really call home more frequent from now on. dad cried! just now when I called him. and yesterday too, because he missed me. mom told me.. he was crying badly that my mom asked my twin to get a tissue for him. awww~ ;( I forgot April's Fool was his birthday, I was too caught up with my lab presentation and tonnes of assignments yesterday. I've never forgotten his birthday before. no wonder i felt something empty during this year's April's Fool. and he has been complaining about his legs that they have worsened, he even used a stick now. ;( his legs have been in pain since January, and he has been doing treatments but they don't really work..

Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 facts about me #part 1

okay i was influenced to make this post because of Alia in my blog list. so hehe i'll do one too, because her facts are surprisingly similar to how i behave when i was a kid.

but i dont have cute images like the ones in her blog though :/

1) ive never wear braces before, because abah said my teeth are lined up prettily already HAHAHA. but gigi berlubang ade la urgh3. padan muka sbb mse kecik2 xsuke gosok gigi before tido. T_T

2) i grew up as a tomboy, read that peeps? haha. my twin used to wear skirts and girlish stuff while i opt for shorts and pants instead. but sometimes my mom made us wore similar clothes of different colors. i used to be sooooo proud that at one instance, my mom asked me to buy something from the grocery store. so i went there wearing pants and tshirt and my cap. and the owner of the shop asked me, 'abang nak beli apa?' HAHAHAHAHA SUMPAH BANGGA KEMBANG HIDUNG GILE MSE TU!!! lollll

and also there was this one time when i was in Standard 5, a guy from my tuition place asked whether im a guy or a girl because of my short hair that time ( ops kdg2 xpkai tdung lg sbb masih prgai kanak2 lol). and btw my mom registered me to a Standard 6 class, so maybe they dont know me well, and the sis behind me then said if i want to sit with them (the seat at the back of the class was full with girls already, so i had no choice but to sit alone in front, thats why the guys were like confused if im a guy or not). and after school holiday, i wore scarf to go to my tuition place HAHAHA.

3)i used to hate pink color too..

4) but now i wear pink sometimes LOL

5) i used to be really skinny before..

6) and i am still skinny now kah3 poyo gile ya ampunnnn =P (but before i came to US, i weighed about 36/37kg percaya takkkk haaaa

7) ive never been in a relationship before (minus the stupid short relationship when i was in kindergarten hahahaha)

8) i gave nicknames to people that i like and that i hate HAHAHA so that i could talk about them with my close friends easily lol

9) i like big stuff compared to small stuff, like big teddy bear compared to small teddy bear. i also like to receive practical things as presents; i dont like things like keychains or cards. not that im being materialistic, but i prefer to get something that i can use over and over again or things that can remind me to the person.

10) im not good in posing before, idk how to actually smile, so i used to be very stiff or had this very awkward smile and posture in my pics before; lol i even think that i was the reason of why a pic looked bad before. now? better sikit ahhh, see the bone ah kah3! XD

okay i need to go to sleep now. ciaow sin chi. xoxo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2nd cheme experiment and other things

it is 3.03am and we are still not done with analyzing data. omg we just realized that the data that we had, made no sense at all, they were beyond stupidity, totally unacceptable. its like the pressure drop that we got for a certain value was 100 bars! that was like 98 atm! i know, WTF! i don't know what went into us, but as for me, im no good with annoying American units, so i didn't know bars are THAT CLOSE to atm! FML.

we are totally screwed this time. fml fml fml fml. and im sleepy. zzzz

oh yeah one thing! there was like an argument between my batchmates in FB few hours ago, something about proper muslimah attire and the right way to give advice and of so. so that kinda made my night pretty interesting, until the one that posted it deleted the post, dang!~ XD
so if any of you were to ask my opinion on this, here it is..

i still consider 20-ish to be part of the adolescence group because the crazy hormones are still raging, just like me. i will take myself as the example so that no one gets offended. so sometimes, i still keep doing things that i myself know well that it is wrong. for example, wearing skinny jeans, or hanging out with guy, just the two of us. we all know that those things are wrong, but sometimes there is the little me inside that is rebelling, either against myself or the whole world. it is just the matter of time for a person to change. or for him/her to get 'hidayah'.

im not saying that having the 'okay i know what i did is wrong, so its fine, i'll change sooner or later' attitude is good, but every people is not the same, they handled situations differently. so YES the way you give advice is IMPORTANT, and YES 'sape makan cili, die la rase pedasnye' ; some people can think wisely enough that no matter how effin pissed are they towards your insolent way of giving advice, they will change because they know that it is the right thing to do so; but there are also some that will rebel even more, its like you are pouring oil to flaming fire.

so as for me, sometimes the way people advice you can kinda irritate, and deep inside, the bad me are exploding; suggesting me to rebel even more. sometimes i fail yet sometimes i can resist the bad me. i am the type that can only receive advice from close friends. when those that are not that close advices me, i got very pissed off. i know what they say is right, but like i say, different people handles things differently. you know what im saying right? cool.

oh and also Hilmi made chicken porridge for me! okay i lied, he made porridge for us (my friends too), but i kept bugging him so can i take the credit as if he's making it for me? hahaha. and sedappppp thanks!~ :) well actually its more like a barter, i'm treating him to Quiznos tomorrow. i don't like Quiznos very much! yuck! =P and Aishah treat me for yummayyyyyy dadih hihi. :D

ps: and oh, i would appreciate it if people dont talk about what i write in blog in public, in front of me. like when i wrote about A, then other person will talk about A in front of me and other people. there are reasons why i wrote them on blog you know, i don't feel like going around telling everyone everything. its not that every person in Vandy read my blog right? and even if they do so, they don't literally reblog or discuss about what i write in FB or make an announcement or poster about it right? you know what im saying? so read my blog, and keep it to yourself and myself, or just you and someone next to you. no need to make a big deal about it in front of me and a group of other people thank you. and also the conversation or anything that we used to have and do, and you keep bringing it up over and over again, it annoys me. for example, i talked with B about dinner, and B kept bringing the whole dinner conversation over and over again on every other days. duhh!

woah i didn't realize that this post is so damn long. take it you readers! XD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

adidas originals

im addicted to it. wait til i get my allowance next month! urgh there are just so many things to buy! oh i would love to get a pair of shoes from TOMS too thank you. add a sling bag from FOSSIL to the list please. but still, summer still is my priority. but maybe not anymore? okay3 study is my priority (errr) ah, need. to. control. my shopping desire!

Monday, March 21, 2011

quick update

so,i had the once-in-a-month pain on Saturday. dang it hurt so bad! since i agreed to have brunch with my friend, i can't say no that time. so i WENT with the pain killing me EACH MOMENT. urgh. i did not even eat much. as soon as i went back home, i took some pills and slept and walla~! I WOKE UP AT 8.21PM!!! so i basically slept all day long on Saturday. finished a memo that i had to submit on Monday and watched some stories and slept.

on Sunday, i had brunch at Best of India, had mango lassi! yummy!~ ^^ and i am officially broke now, paid the Gatlin trip stuff and all these eating. and i need to call home. but urgh that damn phone won't freaking work! so i usually ended up chatting with my dad because apparently he is the only person that picks up my call (boo mom! =P) but since im broke now, im gonna use my sister's skype (she has some kind of subscription where she has to pay a certain amount monthly to call home without any limit, no cellphone unfortunately) to call my home. fingers crossed, someone will pick up that phone!

Monday, March 14, 2011

because unrequited love sounds like a terrible thing.

class class class!

class starts today! i have two exams this week! and i didn't study anything yet!! i have been sleeping A LOT this break! T_____T i must sleep now. hul~

its going to rain today too! hopefully.. i can wear my rain boot! lol~

ps: is spring the new season of love? it used to be summer. so many people are dating now! let see let see, 1 couple, 2 couples, 3 couples, 4 couples! *jealous mode*

-hoping that there will be no more earthquake and tsunami in Japan-

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my spring break :)

soo, i have been planning my spring break since before the break actually, not a detailed plan, just a rough one; since i was only planning to go to Gatlinburg. i was actually planning a cabin trip of 10-15 people, but so many people were saving since they were heading back home to Malaysia this summer, plus an annoying guy that didn't want to join because he said it would be boring since there was only 9 people that time. and you know what? he actually was going on a trip of 5 people instead! so whether i failed my Math or he hated my trip or he's being a pain in the ***. i kinda calmed down soon since many things happened to his and my trip and it kinda made sense. you don't know how hard it was browsing here and there looking for a cabin at the very last minute for 15 people then to 10 people than finally to only 5 people. but still people kept saying it was expensive etc. telling the whole story here just don't seem like a good way to go so imma finish it until that point. but that guy, he ended up not going anywhere though. karma is a bitch.

the trip mates minus the photographer. :) there were only five of us for the trip

so we went on Tuesday morning, around 10am. it took 3 hour and 45 minutes to reach Gatlinburg. i slept almost the entire time since i was so sleepy LOL. could not really remember much.. we stopped somewhere to have our brunch and prayed. then continued on.. when we reached there, we looked for a parking place. and we walked around. we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not and Ripley's Maze. they were pretty interesting. :)

the ladies on a giant chair in Ripley's Believe It or Not

then we walked around again, stopped by at a candy store. continued walking here and there, and finally we got tired haha. we rode our car then looked for a place for dinner. we went to Red Lobster that night! haha, it was my first time. the restaurant has a nice and warm interior. the service was pretty good and fast. i had lobster, crab, shrimp and some fries. after our dinner, we looked for a nearby hotel, checked in, and slept. that was basically it. haha. everyone was so tired on that day.

our dinner at Red Lobster, yummy! but i prefer Joe's Crab Shack actually

the next day, we woke up half an hour before 11am, we were supposed to check out that time. everyone was rushing bathing and packing and dressing up haha. then we headed to WonderWork. i used to take picture there but i didn't know there was so many exciting things going on in there! we spent couple of hours in there playing games! ^^ then at 1pm, we went shopping at Tanger Outlet until 8.30pm! lol my feet were hurting so much haha. i bought a pair of sneakers that i posted just now, some jeans and pants. i wanted a Fossil sling bag so much! but i didnt buy one since i would be broke after that. ahhh my heart ache thinking of the bag. :( the bag was 60usd. i tried to look for it on the website but couldn't find it. THAT, IS THE MOST REGRETTABLE THING THAT I'VE DONE, not buying it. i don't want to borrow my friend's money to buy the bag because i don't like the indebted feeling you know? like each time you looked at the bag, then you'll remember, ahhh i still didn't pay his/her money for this bag or ahhh, i didn't use my own money for this bag, it just doesn't feel right.. :(

more pics in my facebook here.

this is how WonderWork looked like, awesome right?

the 360 degree-turn bike in WonderWork, lol i shouted so loud! =P

me trying rock-climbing for the very first time. at first i was pretty excited; halfway through, i chickened out hahahaha! but i continued anyway. XD

the sneakers that i bought hee~

woke up at 4pm today (hahahahahahaha) and had my late brunch/early dinner at Fiza's house. and today i made marble cake with her too. i still didn't watch 1LOT. might end up not watching it at all, coz i might be gloomy til the end of the break hahaha.

i should start studying too. urgh.

Nike Amor

tadaa!~~ cantik tak? heee beli kt gatlinburg smalam. weehoooo~~~
nnt update psal trip tue later this night or tomorrow

Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Possible behavior :
--> excessive emo
--> easily pissed
--> easily annoyed
--> irrational
--> making fuss over nonsense thing

Hani is in a bad mood, Hani is in a bad mood, Hani is in a bad mood.
And why are YOU reading my blog? You are making me shy.....HAHAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Liter of Tear

have you ever heard or watch a story that WILL make you cry regardless of how many times that you watched it? i have one, and it is One Liter of Tear. i seriously cried almost 80-90% part of the story. im watching it AGAIN this spring break, and i'll be emo for a few days. aiyokk. so guys watch it!! here's the OST and a rather well-made MV of the drama

belanja topup handphone pelis?

bosan la.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

of VandyLAN and other stuff

this is a TERRIBLE WEEK! so sad, don't ask..

so last night wasn't that bad. okay it was bad. until i won raffle, it kinda turn NOT THAT BAD after that haha. well i could get excited over winning a shirt of L size right? a least i won something! *trying to pujuk myself* probably gonna give the shirt to abah je la haha.

so basically i only watched people battling like they are at their wits end over a bunch of games haha. i played two games, one which i sucked at, shooting game. haha. and the other one, well i basically jumped to maneuver the game. and 'accidentally' get myself a plush haha and yeah dats about it. and finally i got excited over FIFA games haha *not that i could actually see Ozil or Lampard or Gerard or Torres or Casillas or Fabregas or Pique!*

and then we watched khurafat. it was good, but wasn't that scary, i'll give it 2.5/5 (well because i covered my face the whole time during scary parts hahaha). cane nie kalo tgok part takut jerit pstu takut tido sorg2 tp xtgok x feelin la, xtkut n xfham n x feel cite. tp nk tgok cite hantu. tp xde la nak die betul2 jd lak kan aaaa nggak mahuuuu. movies that have scared the hell out of me so far is 'jangan pandang belakang', 'the exorcism of emily rose' and i still don't have the guts to watch ju-on HAHAHA. i watched some parts, here and there, and the parts that i've watched are the scary ones, like the ghost ripping out from a woman in labor (or its from another movie?? haha), the stair part and the one that came out of TV (shit, isnt that the ring?) okay etc..

next week i my first lab presentation. dugeum3~~ hearbeat!~~ gonna work on lab report this week. as of right now, im hungry.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

friend or foe?

its scary when your so called friends can actually be your enemies at the same time. and all that people can do is talk bad behind each other. seriously people? do you have to resolve to that? sometimes anonymity can be a scary thing. coward people hide behind anonymity to say hurtful things, and they don't realize how bad it can affect people.

when people say the right thing, you shut him up and accuse him over a totally different issue. which you don't even have the right to. because you are totally on the wrong side, you should acknowledge that at least, for the sake of humanity, not being a total jerk. what has the world become? when people doing right thing is mistreated and the one doing the wrong thing is glorified or honored i must say.

those people scared the hell out of me. i hope none of my friends are like that. if i do something that pisses you off, tell me face to face, not through people or behind me. i might be hurt, duhh like obviously,what am i? a robot? but i'll get over it with time. that just makes me feel hundreds time better than hearing you bitching about something you dislike about me. are we clear? cool.

Friday, February 11, 2011

february update

lol someone got mad over my post, dat was like long ago hahaha. lame =P

so i had two exams next week, and i still didnt do anything because it's friday night like hello?? went out and had dinner at golden coast, even though i was super sleepy because i only slept 3 hours thanks to Prof. Jennings's hw. its my friend's bday. so just had the feeling dat i still have to go.

and then watched grey's anatomy, which i swear is the best thing ever kih3. played wii. and chatted with some people.

and yeah when i was eating my dinner, got a msg from dad saying dat they are in langkawi right now. and i was like damn! only my sisters were going there originally. and mom said my 2nd sis supported the trip so they dont have to pay for anything.. jealousssssss.

and oh yeah, i skipped arabic class today, and apparently a lot of people did too, so ustaz was a bit pissed i think dat he took attendance of the class. holy crap. haha.

aiishh im not writing things in sequence but yeah who cares, basically you get the point right? haha. so it was snowing on wednesday. and yeah i originally had another hw due on Friday but it was postponed to Monday and a test on Thursday which was also postponed to Monday because of the snow. thank god i checked my email first thing on Thursday haaha.

and yeah i also heard some bad stories. i mean its my effin blog, who cares if i wanna write something personal or not in it? not dat im referring this to myself. its like when A did it, i mean ranting on emo things, then dats fine but if B did it, they were like, dat bitch shouldnt have gone dat far bla2. whats with this double standard? urgh. annoying. period.

got nothing planned for spring break yet. gotta need to focus on this sem first. cewwah. and oh im not going back too this summer. yeah3 i just dont want to talk about it again, ive been telling the story over and over again. ask others if you wanna know why. so im kinda planning to go on a trip? like im trying to stay out of vandy for the whole May. i dont know, thinking about staying in new york with my friend.. and also thinking about going to san fransisco. and also a tidbit of florida? haha.. im being too ambitious am i? NY is like on north east side, florida is like on south east and SF is like on west side of US! woah dats crazyyyy haha. so yeah im not sure yet, plus i dont have anyone travelling with me this time. so i gotta do the whole preparing thing by my self. and mom said she'll support me a bit since im not going back so dats awesome haha.

okay bye.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

how i spent my friday

down with fever from thursday night. skipped all classes on friday, slept the wholeeeee day. only woke up to eat, at 10pm i think. then watched bunches of things, slept back at 6am or something haha. getting better, but i'm still coughing and having flu a bit. (for those who's reading my blog teeheehee kalo nk buat porridge ke mcam awesome XD)

now gotta do my work. -_-'

ps : just updated the music player, ntah zaman bile lagu tu tp bru dpt tahu oh em gee, itu pun thanks to that kid najwa latif tuh. its 'one in a million' by ne-yo <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stop pointing fingers when the blame is on you

you know you did wrong. why should we pay for your blame? imma live here for another year, i dont want things to get any harder than they are right now. if its because of what I DID WRONG, then im all good, but if its because of SOMEONE ELSE, i certainly dont want to pay for YOUR IRRESPONSIBILITY ACT. and besides, if you did NOTHING WRONG, you SURELY WILL BE FINE.

and you definitely dont have the right to get pissed, we are the one who should be.

Monday, January 31, 2011

do you think you know me well?

the faithful part is darn accurate!

this test sure is accurate woahhhh okayyyyy study balik sheesh T_T

ps : and what the hell, mula2 tgok low level of masculine, so mcm relieved, skali tgok feminine level lg rendah! damn dah kalo bukn masculine, tmbah lg bukn feminine, what doest that exactly make me? T_T

and oh in case you guys wanna take the test, click HERE

i need to send those things quick. haiyo

sorry for the short post. lol. its not like anyone cared right? wutev. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sweet luvah

i just read and followed a blog successfully, spent almost an hour reading now i'm sleepy.

well i gotta thank someone for mentioning about this in her blog. it was like so damn cool i tell you!

well its about a girl that had an american bf, (cough2, its my turn next! =P). the cool thing is that they conversed through chatting for the whole two years without actually seeing each other! after that they started exchanging pics. well she actually kinda refused to give her pic to him after he had given his, not that he's not handsome, he is DARN HANDSOME I TELL YA! i felt like im being too immoral if im posting a pic of sumone's bf so you can go read the blog, i listed it already, called sweet luvah. well back to the story, she hesitated to give her pic because she kinda had low self esteem, she's not confidence with her appearance.

and guess what?

the guy saw her pic somewhere and was actually happy! she's a petite chubby girl with asian skin tone. i think she's cute and and at least she is not as thin as me! sooooo not appealing -_-''

so they live happily ever after~~ well dat's my wish to them but ahhh im so happy for her :)

Subconsciously, this is one of the key reasons why white men adore Asian women; Asian women are petite. Towering and lanky women don't turn (most) men on that much. Being big and tall represent dominance and men would still like to remain being the Alpha one.

ohhoooo, reading this makes me feel 100x better XD

she posted this, among other reasons why american guys like asian women.

--> well, i might get a chance, with a year left here, kah3!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Be in generally good health and feeling well.
Be at least 17 years of age; upper age 60 (420d*).
Weigh at least 110 pounds (45 kg).
Pulse: 80 to 100 beats/min and regular.
Temperature: Should not exceed 99.5 (37.5c).
Blood Pressure: acceptable range is 160/90 to 110/60.
Skin: the venipuncture site should be free of any lesion or scar of needle pricks indicative of addiction to narcotics or frequent Blood donation (as in the case of professional Blood donors).


Thursday, January 20, 2011

pancit gile

super darn exhausted today (by today i mean yesterday,wednesday, it is past midnight already haha). slept at 3am, got class at 9am til 5pm, with gaps but still i'm tired. skipped hw review and got back home at 5pm, slept at 6pm til 10pm, and now staying uppp. its 2.11am already (thursday) and i got my chem lab tomorrow, first one, but its not the scary one, just the instrumentation one.

oh my baby please arrive by this week! i'll tell you the details later when i get it hee~~~ ^^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LG dLite


Monday, January 17, 2011

New Zodiac Signs Dates

Sagittarius: Dec 17 to Jan 20
Ophiuchus: Nov 29 to Dec 17
Scorpio: Nov 23 to November 20
Libra: Oct 30 to Nov 23
Virgo: Sept 16 to Oct 30
Leo: Aug 10 to Sept 16
Cancer: July 20 to Aug 10
Gemini June 21 to July 20
Taurus: May 13 to June 21
Aries: April 18 to May 13
Pisces: March 11 to April 18
Aquarius: Feb 16 to March 11
Capricorn: Jan 20 to Feb 16

so i am officially a Libra now from Scorpio.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

of Harley Davidson

talked to my dad, after failed attempts of reaching mom, i gave up! mom, you lost the chance to talk to me! pwahahaha *bajet hot with my very own mom*
talked about me probably getting a job next semester.


abah : kalo hani balik nnt beli la abah Harley Davidson satu ke, cuba usha hrga dlu ke..

ewah3, tingginye demand dia. kalo mnta baju ke seluar ke tape gak, ni terus Harley Davidson (HD)?! pehhh bapak sape nihh haha -_-' this has not been the first time, you guys must have remembered me mentioning this in my earlier posts as well, but yeah, his will of getting one HD has been too strong i see.

bru je usha website HD td, xthu lak dorg hire Marissa Miller, kecik je die bw moto gedabak cenggitu. dhla harga mahal gile nk mmpus omg.

oh btw esok cuti MLK yatta!~~ ^^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

final update on Cali trip

school is starting tomorrow oh no! T_T

well im gonna use this time to basically sum up about my trip, it has been a while.. i just finished my luncheon just now, the food was kinda good, if given other choice, i would have opt for the other one but since i was hungry, so whatever..

did i stop on the 6th day? well on my 7th day, we went to Disneyland! i gotta said i enjoyed Disneyland more than Universal! maybe because it was less packed and it was far bigger and i was pretty happy that we played almost all the games! we started with going to the adventure park then the disneyland park and that was a good decision pwahaha! because there were a lot of games in adventure park and we played almost all except the kiddy ones =P we also watched Aladdin musical and that was superb! well it was good but since i was pretty sleepy so i didnt enjoy it much but it was really good. ahhh i love it so much! i cant list all of the rides but i rode almost all even the scary ones and the super fast one etc. oh i even ride a roller coaster not once, but twice! it was fun! it wasnt that high but it even has all this spinning and turning upside down, and a friend of mine said this, 'many people rode roller coasters before, and they were all fine', so it kinda gave me this courage; plus considering it might be my last trip to theme parks.. if anyone would like to support me to go to Universal in Florida, id be more than happy to accept hihi.. i want to go there again, to Florida but think it might be a waste because i should spend my money to go to other places that ive never been yet.. :( but it looks like a lot of my friends are going to Florida this year, ah i dont know haha.

then at 5pm something we went to disneyland park, this one was more of beautiful buildings, i'd say fitted kids more but i kinda felt pity to my friends that have never been there before because those lovely buildings were worth thousand of pics but it was already dark when we went there. there was this ride called 'Space Mountain', i enjoyed it the most! =P it was different a bit than the ones in Florida but it was still good. and urgh i cant believe we wasted our time for 'Captain EO'. it was the stupidest thing ever! people, do not waste your time on Captain EO, i repeat, do not! it was basically an hour waste (including the waiting time) of watching Michael Jackson in a movie with stupid weird animals singing and dancing (not to mention the stupid acting) to fight bad women that looked like spider and using his almighty voice, Michael Jackson turned that spider woman into a woman that was just blahhhh~~ and they went back home safely i know right, like WTF? we went back at 11pm something and it was very cold that time.

the next day we searched for the Hollywood sign and also to the dissapointing Eldred Street (it was dirtyyyy) and then went to a lovely beach! no one wanted to take pics because it was too cold, i was so sad :( so i went to the beach alone, walked around here and there with no camera, and my friend joined me for a while. then we ate at a Malaysian restaurant, so darn expensive but the food was pretty good and came in a huge proportion.

then off we went to San Frans! but thanks to the snowstorm, instead of arriving at 12am, we arrived at 8am. we had to switch highway because of the terrible traffic jam in the other highway. then that morning we straightly went to our Alcatraz cruise. then we went to Pier 39, bought some shirts and walked around, then we went to Lombart Street! google it, you will be amazed! :D then we headed to the Golden Gate Park, it was BIGGGGG and there were a lot of parks in there, like Japanese garden, there was also the windmill, and other types.. and next to it was the Ocean Beach, we are talking about Pacific Ocean Beach baby! we played there for a longggggg time haha it was fun! :) there were a lot of dogs and their poops too haha.

and the next day we went to Golden Gate Bridge. then to Chinatown and Union Square. since we were rushing, we dont really stop at Chinatown and Union Square. we just passed by them; i really wanna stopped by and walked around but since we have to catch up our plane. oh well... but at least i can say that yeah3 i've been there proudly hahaha!! omg San Frans is definitely a beautiful city! the roads were so darn steep, i respected those that can do side parking like seriously haha, all the roads were like in V shape! too bad everything was so darn expensive, 8usd for an hour parking, or 20usd for a whole day?! and the hotel rooms were bad too, no iron, no hair dryer, and we even have to pay for internet access?! shittttttt

and we met our seniors at the airport, their flight was at 4pm.. if i were them, i would have spent more time at San Frans! but they had already spent days in San Frans on the earlier part of their trip. i wished i could switched my flight with them sigh~~~~ we had a transit on our way back at Phoenix, chatted a bit with a woman next to me..she handled transfer students, n the guys of our trip behind me kept punching my seat grrrr gedik! oh did i tell you guys that i like landing than departing? it felt as if im on a some kind of ride in theme park LOL. well i gtg watch some hindustan movie.. hahahahaha i know, im just maximizing my very last hours before school starts tomorrow. FML.

I LOVE MY CALIFORNIA TRIP! :) (the super previous post about me saying this might be the suckiest trip ever, i take it back, blame it on my hormones!)

byeeeeeeeeee =)

ps: oh it is snowing in Vandy! so effin cold! since it is my third year already, im not liking the snow anymore haha...

Monday, January 10, 2011

of mak

i skyped my mom last two days

hani : *telling her about the California trip*
mom : hani beli pape tak dkt mak?
hani : takkkkkkkkkk, hani byk shopping utk hani je pwahahahaha!


hani : tp hani ade la beli baju utk hana, emir n ABAH hahahaha!
mak : ceh, berat sebelah.

kah3 this is so funny!

oh Vandy is snowing right now!~~ ^^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

dis is not an update about my winter trip (maybe a bit)

i woke up 11.30am today and immediately started skyping with my friend..for about 2 hours gossiping and updating each other. then i had my brunch. then i took my bath, and stared at my laptop. for hours.. and hours.. and hours.. called my mom, updated her about my trip. and then watched japanese movies.. then ordered food. then chatted.. then looked at my ym, about people complaining about them gaining weight. dem la, kenapa xnaik2 berat nie! im at 39kg right now! i mean like seriously if anyone say dat they wanna be like me, im gonna kill 'em! my legs are as thin as sticks! ahhhhh stresss! T_____________T i know im not eating regularly, so dats why im doing my grocery tomorrow! im gonna eat a lot of chicken and rice until tuesday! im gonna do a lot of cooking! because once my semester starts, im only gonna eat at Rand or order food online.

okay im gonna talk about my trip..too.. haha..

things that i regretted :
1) i translated tabung and it says money box like wth so im gonna use tabung instead. there's this tabung that i saw in vegas and it was so pretty! but it was so darn expensive! im not sure, either 20/25/30usd. i seriously want it badly. :(
2) i wished i didnt have my pms in the early days of the trip hahaha. i kinda get emotional and complained about everything.
3) i wished we had checked the weather before going to San Fransisco then we would have avoided the jam and spent another day there :(

things that i like :
1) i got closer and talked a lot to people that i rarely talked before
2) we went to three beaches! although we didnt actually go into water, just a bittt because its cold, but im happy! :)
3) had A LOT OF GREAT FOOD! tho it cost me a lot haha
4) i got to buy my 'Thing 4' shirt finally! hihi, i bought one alread for my twin last year. got to buy other shirts too! oh mak asked me if i buy something for her and i said no, but i buy sumthin for my dad tho lol. then mak said im being berat sebelah! kah3! XD

Friday, January 7, 2011

my 2010 winter trip : part 3

ah penatnye nk cite pasal tiap2 hari.

hari ke-5 kitorang patah balik gi LA balik sbb kitorg nk gi main theme parks pula. aritu xigt lak kalo kitorg ade gi mane2 ke ape seyes xigt. oh ha bru igt, kitorg pusing Vegas lagi skali tgkp gmba byak2 lg.

pstu on 6th day kitorg gi Universal ramai2. mula2 main Mummy (again) haha, pstu main Jurassic Park (ini cm water ride a bit), pstu main Simpsons Ride (ini best suke jugaaaaa) pstu
etc. xigt ahh nk sebut satu2 haha. kitorg smbut new year dkt cni, omg sejuk gile n rmai gile org. kitorg tdo dlm keta sejam lebih, pstu few minutes b4 12 bru bgun. tgok la fireworks 5min pstu balik. esok tu dah rse badan panas dah tp xkesah pun haha. kali ni gi Universal finally beli baju 'Thing 4'. sebenarnye nk beli yg die tulis 'Thing 1' tp xde. n ak beli size budak kot sbb size adult ade L n XL je. n muat je pun, n lg murah! hahaha.

ak beli tade la kecik cmni kan, nie baby nye size nih.

kali ni gi Universal lg best dr fes time tu kot sbb lg ramai org, the more the merrier isnt it? =) pstu main lg byak games..

ahh seyes xthu thun depan nk gi Florida balik tk, sbb nk main yg Harry Potter punye kt sne! 2 yrs ago i went already but Harry Potter was still under construction that time. :( tp cm rugi la nk gi Florida lg sbb dh penah pegi, bole x nk gi 2 days je then amek flight gi tpt lain sorg2? cewwah cam kaya gile hahaha

Thursday, January 6, 2011

my 2010 winter trip : part 2

okay so ari ke-3 kitorang gerak la gi Vegas pulak. tade la jauh mane pun, 4-5jam je. tp kitorang smpai petang sbb haha mse nk gi tu ade la pulak Tangers outlet, gile vavi besar shopping outlet nie. peh kalo ade seribu rse cm boleh habiskn je dlm msa sejam kitorg kt ctu, tp ak ade la beli baju 3helai kt Aeropostale, pstu dgn hati yg berat pun gerak gi Vegas balik. pstu stop2 taruk minyak dlm keta, semayang2 n tgkap3 gmba.

nie gmba dekat area exit tu. cantik kan? :)

sebenarnya 2 keta trip ni, tp kitorang berpisah sbb kitorg stop outlet tu terlama pula, dorg singgah Walmart, so dorg gerak gi Vegas dlu.

and my solo shot! kih3!

boleh ckap 80-90% trip nie 2 keta nie asek berpisah je, driver masing2 buat kepala haha. lantak korg aa. keta lg satu tu sllunye jd ketua tp bile gerak gi mane2 mst kitorg yg smpai dlu wahaha!

pstu kitorg smpai Vegas petang tu,tp dah gelap dh pun, kul 6 or 7pm kot. kitorg xgerak gi otel terus, kitorg jumpe dgn org keta lg satu pstu pusing Vegas sama2 smpai la malam skit, xigt kul bape. pstu tgok 'Fountain in Bellagio' before balik, fountain nie famous gile kot. free je.

pastu esok harinye, 4th day gerak gi Hoover Dam n Grand Canyon, mula2 kitorg igt cm xjd nk gi Grand Canyon sbb kitorg igt nk gi Grand Canyon Skywalk tp mahal gile, 75usd. tp kitorg gi gak, mmg cm fuh mmg rse bersyukur gk kitorg ttap nk gi, sbb kalo nk gi kt spot cun nk tgkp gmba, kne naik bus byr 45usd, kitorg pun join jela sbb dh jauh2 drive kan, sesia lak kang. n mmg worth it la. n rupenye Skywalk tu sebelah spot kitorg gi je kah3. mse nk gi Grand Canyon tu peh cantik gile scene, pstu jalan nk gi citu lak mmg masuk gurun xde jalan tar ah, balik2 je kete berhabuk nak mati haha. pstu korg tgok cite cowboy korg thu gas station cm kt desert tu? sejibik cm tu la yg kitorg singgah sbb nk isi minyak haha. fuh igtkan dlm TV je, rupenye betul.

korg bygkan gas station cni, tp tade pun rooftop tuh.

n here are few Canyon pictures. sejuk gile babeng. kitorg gi Grand Canyon West, seniors pegi Grand Canyon National Park, lg jauh tp tempat dorg ade salji. huish ak xsgup la pegi stu, tempat kitorg pun sejuk nk mati cm nk tercabut jari.

everyone minus Noel, the photographer

suke gile gamba nie (esp me, since i look the cun-est kah3)

my 2010 winter trip : part 1

nak gune bm la tuk entry kali ni. panjang bebeno nnt nye ha. kitorg gerak gi BNA (airport) petang Sabtu xsilap. peh teruja gile sbb ni 2nd time naik flight balik kot haha. aku dduk sebelah Sharifah, flight 4 jam gile babeng lama n surprisingly, ak xtido lgsg. tgok movie n sembang, cite2 gosip, share2 rahsia kah3, typical girls.

flight kitorang lmbat half an hour actually, so van yg kitorang rent awal2 dah blah dah, bile kol byak kali nk mati x angkat2, bengang2. pstu kitorang naik shuttle gi otel. the next day tu oyy malu nye ha nk confess, kitorang gi jenjalan naik bus like what the hell aje. kitorang gi hollywood, masuk madam tussaud, pusing2 area situ, makan dkt satu kedai ni where the owner is a malaysian, she understands malay but cant converse anymore, typical ah wey. lepastu malam tu gi santa monica. yes people, we went there by bus. haha. santa monica awesome gak ah. tp cm kecewa sbb ak nk gamba dkt pantai byak, tp dh malam kan.. dhla bateri camera abes, ak igtkn charger ak sma dgn kwan ak, rupanya xmuat lak. bengang2. pstu kt Santa Monica tu ade outdoor shopping centre, best gak aa, byk gile kedai2 best, yg dorg2 ni pusing2 keliling, ak ade gk aa masuk kedai sne kedai sini, pstu ade la beli sumthin kt VS eventho xde la huge sale mane, tp sbb craving shopping nye psal kesah ape kan haha.

cm tah pape je kan asek sebut bengang byak kali je kn? mst korg rse cm sampah gile trip Hani nie, haha. chillax dlu, nnt later ak explain. XD

pstu on 2nd day, Monday ak n 2 kawan ak je gi Universal Studio. lg 7 org gi Six Flags. Universal Cali cm sampah sket ah compared to Florida nye. sbb ak penah pegi situ taun lepas, ak led org lain aa nak main game ape sume2, tgok time n location sume cewwah haha. kitorg xde ah main sume game sbb kitorg beli Universal pass for 1 day tp got another day free; kire kitorg leh gi 2nd day at free cost aa. so xsilap ak kitorg main 4 games je kot, plus kitorg gi tgah hari n kuar kul 6 ptg, so xde aa byak masa sgt pun. yg ak igt kitorg main Mummy ah, damn best gile, kalo kne tunggu 10min je ak sgup main 4-5kali duh haha. pstu masuk House of Horror, bygkan ak yg penakut nie yg jalan depan2, yg lg 2 org lg penakut, sorg lg lelaki lak tu, kecewa2 haha. reject jd bf! pstu malam tu kitorg kuar makan kt satu kedai makan India nie sedap gile bab* aa tp sampah gile nasi kne charge smpai 3-4usd like what the hell kan. xkesah ah sbb dh makan kenyang dah. kalo makan je sah2 habis more or less 10usd. oh lupe lak mse nk msuk Shrek 4D, ak gi queue nak beli churros (mknn, xthu gi google), ak suh lg 2 org gi lineup dlu, nnt ak cr la dorg. alih2 mse nk cari tu dem xjmpe lak, line gile bab* pnjg wthell. tercangak la ak kt luar sejam cm nk tercabut lutut, dhla cuak sbb dah gelap plus xde hp hahaha. tp buat muka cm konfiden je kah3. nasib jmpe balik dorg luar Shrek haha. :D

ha nnt esok pagi ak bgun ak sambung lak 2nd day : Vegas baby! nak tgok cite n tido nie. krohhhhh.