Monday, March 14, 2011

class class class!

class starts today! i have two exams this week! and i didn't study anything yet!! i have been sleeping A LOT this break! T_____T i must sleep now. hul~

its going to rain today too! hopefully.. i can wear my rain boot! lol~

ps: is spring the new season of love? it used to be summer. so many people are dating now! let see let see, 1 couple, 2 couples, 3 couples, 4 couples! *jealous mode*

-hoping that there will be no more earthquake and tsunami in Japan-


Anonymous said...

nk jeles apenye...dpt baju bru, seluar bru,dress bru, etc(not including beg baru) pon ok what?

HaNi! said...

sape yg dpt sumeee bnde baru tu haaa xdpt punn. lagi laa brtmbah jeles mcm nie hul!~