Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A : weh ko tahu x, aku paling x suke kalo org jerit dkt tlinga aku.

B : oh ye ke? ni yg ak nk buat nieeeee..

A : ko jgan dow, ak PANTANG betul..

B : haha, ok2, chill bro..

n then,

B : weh2, ko jerit kt tlinga A dow, die xsuke dow. hahaha! sakat die aa beb.

C : haa serius? ok2!

C pun jerit la kt tlinga A...

A : wey! kang aku meletup kang.. *tahan lagi*

B dan C : sorry weh.. gurau2.. hahahaahahahaha!!

dlam hati A,

"bab* btul..bodo ke xfaham bhsa.. *&^%$#$%^&$#@# dan sumpah seranah lagi"


today is a happy day!

i had my physics exam just now, i did my best, hopefully it went well. =)

i took my parcel, thought i got my twilight series, turned out my arm warmer.

mission for today : read novels dat i bought. (i just bought another one just now, omg gee gee gee gee!)

n bye bye laptop! gonna give to nasir to fix it. sound problem. T_T

n oh! yesterday i met freshies when i accompanied sharifah to the vending machine. before that they were speaking malay, and when we met, the guy (3 of them, the other 2 were girls) suddenly started speaking english and the other girls blurred first. n he went into the lecture hall. n i just smiled. n back into my lecture hall, whenever i got bored, i laughed when i remembered the incident back. and also i laughed couple of times yesterday. which is nice. i didn't know laughing could make me feel so much better. =)

oh, too bad these days had been so hot that i think i'll be dead back in malaysia! >.<

oh, last few days was wan's birthday. again, happy belated bday 'big L'. ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


new freshmen came this week. only met couple of them but didn't talk thou. stalk a lot in fb n fs, hehe..

laptop is messy. i can't send it to its because i need it for now, busy2. so coping with it right now. duh!

vandy is gettin hotter! i keep myself in my cosy room, n slept at other's rooms couple of nights already. my alarm clock went 'wenggggg'. -_-'

need to do some food shopping. kns. ramadhan.

oh, my batch bought 2 cars n a van, too bad i didn't thou. maybe later next year. as for now, tumpang ehhhh???? =)

oh, i wanna watch movies badly! i wanna go out. too bored la. go shopping, to the park, or just anywhere, just take me.

oh, i am no longer going to be alone in this house. huhu~

and i need to do some phone calls. call bank, mom n .... malas nk call popo, asek xdpt, huh!

addicted to again and again - 2pm, credit to watip, lol~ check the vid here.

dat's all i guess. suddenly got clueless. =.=

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


can i have someone like faidhi n shahrul here?

someone that i could trust wholly..

someone that i can express everything without hesitant..

someone that knew when i'm about to cry.. n ask me what's wrong..

someone that calms me down..

someone that shares his secrets with me, n me sharing secrets with him..

someone that knows how to cool me down, win me over something that i did wrong to make me feel better, and then advice me back to clear things up..

someone that just..don't lie..

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Hobby!

i bought books. but i dont read them. maybe not now. gila x?

like last week i bought 2 books, by meg cabot kot, 
n also lauren weisberger. n few weeks before
 dat, i bought slumdog milionaire. sbab rmai org mcm compliment dat movie, n i havent watched it yet. but  then after tgok movie. ewwww, GROSS! so xbc2 lg novel. n anil kapoor dlm crite tu jahat omggggg. i like him, msa kecik2 dlu la kan.. hehe~

n currently, rsa mcam seronok lwan2 bid dkt ebay, i bid twilight series, hardcover. sekali mnang. xbley tarik blik bid. padan muka Hani. so hilang la 50usd. xhilg pun, cuma hbis la duit untung business. i sell lacoste dkt ebay. -_-'

xpela, long mmg sruh bli pun buku tu. so chill je la.. tp 50usd omggg! bley shopping ok! n i already asked the seller if he/she could remove my bid but cannot lorh sbb less than 12 hours from the time the item ended. pfft. sbbnye, usha2 dkt amazon. i cud hav a cheaper one. 46 sumthin. i noe like beza 3usd je. tp still worth it laa kn. duh!

hopefully the books wud be good. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


5 favorite english songs currently. 

Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing  (video dia mcm video coldplay-the scientist, lagu ni romantic kott. =) )

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (every guy in her video is super HOT okay? @_@)

Kris Allen - Heartless (his version is something dat i could play many times, not as bored as the original version  meh..)

Arctic Monkey - Fluorescent Adolescent (who doesnt like this freakin cool song ftw?! =D )

Zee Avi - Bitter Heart (she's a malaysian, sweet husky song, she even has her songs on itunes., oh, she's a youtube star too. =P )

5 favorite korean songs currently.

Ha U Sun - Question (her video is banned in Korea, because, err, too sexy? but come on.. anyway, she attempted suicide, like duh! but i love this song!)

Kara - Same Heart (latest song from them, catchy, hihi)

SNSD / Girls Generation - Gee (oh well, who doesnt like them? =) i knew Tae Yeon from We Got Married and youtubed her, n walla~ just know about the group)

T-ara - Good Person (sedih okay lagu nie? n mantap gile vocals2, trust me! )

Lee Seon Kyun - Ocean Travel (awww~ this one is sweet. this is the coffee prince ost if im not mistaken. but i dont really watched the drama, i dont fancy the heroin, not so good acting. but anyway, he sang the song during his wedding currently, how romantic n cool n sweet is it? =P )

p/s :  okay2 sambung study balik. 

8G Zune

i bought one, blue color, last few weeks kot. fair average. too bad dat it supports only mp4 n wmv for the video files. sucks thou. penat taw nk cr dat type of file nk download video. skrg ade video twilight!~ wee~ =P

tp tu je la for video. -_-'

da price? 152 sumthin. nsib baik bley gune commodore cash. 

n im eyeing da iphone 3g s. tp kalo unlocked nye kt ebay pun 1000. omgggggg. haha~
long way for dat man!

Image: Zune 8

Thursday, June 4, 2009





n then to

but i didnt feel as happy as before..