Tuesday, June 23, 2009

today is a happy day!

i had my physics exam just now, i did my best, hopefully it went well. =)

i took my parcel, thought i got my twilight series, turned out my arm warmer.

mission for today : read novels dat i bought. (i just bought another one just now, omg gee gee gee gee!)

n bye bye laptop! gonna give to nasir to fix it. sound problem. T_T

n oh! yesterday i met freshies when i accompanied sharifah to the vending machine. before that they were speaking malay, and when we met, the guy (3 of them, the other 2 were girls) suddenly started speaking english and the other girls blurred first. n he went into the lecture hall. n i just smiled. n back into my lecture hall, whenever i got bored, i laughed when i remembered the incident back. and also i laughed couple of times yesterday. which is nice. i didn't know laughing could make me feel so much better. =)

oh, too bad these days had been so hot that i think i'll be dead back in malaysia! >.<

oh, last few days was wan's birthday. again, happy belated bday 'big L'. ;)

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