Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Atlanta etc

last weekend i went to Atlanta with 19 people, there was a private open house held there. considering it to be a RARE CHANCE to be having a meeting with a minister, i decided to go.

so we went on Saturday morning and went back to Vandy on Sunday evening. when we arrived at Atlanta that evening, we checked in to our hotel and spend the evening at Stone Mountain Park, pretty awesome I must say, its just that i wished we would have arrived earlier, then we could have done more things. we went up this one hugeeee rock by cable car, and guess what? that huge rock was like only 1% of its overall size, 99% was like underground. and then there's the lasershow performance that night, pretty lame I must say, stayed less than half an hour, then went to Penang (like finally!) for dinner.

i had Penang Asam Laksa. i must say im satisfied with it because it totally had the Malaysian taste, the rest like char kuey teaow and tom yam did not exactly taste good for me.. and i was like keep fanning my face because my food was still hot, but turned out my friends that tasted it said that it was rather spicy. no wonder laaaa my face kept getting hot lol.

then Ustaz visited us! he said that the minister wanted to have breakfast with us. so yeah the next morning we had breakfast with him, at 4 Seasons Hotel, i didnt know this hotel is rated 5-star until my friend told me so yeah, IVE BEEN TO A 5-STAR HOTEL GUYS! lol gedik. listened to his story for an hour of so, then went back to hotel. i was so sleepy that i continued sleeping, instead of going sightseeing! geez. but yeah i was totally exhausted. ohh forgot to mention that there's this cute officer there too, he's a bit short but he is just too cuteeee. lol i called him 'abg comel' hahaha.. he studied mechi, took econ for his master, and currrently residing in NY, damn!

and then we had lunch in the same hotel too. too bad there was no traditional food though, but thank god the chicken is halal. so yeah it was not that bad. not that im a big fan of raya food, so i couldnt care less, as long as i could eat chicken! haha.. and then had a talk session, took some pictures and met Malaysians residing in Atlanta too.

at 4pm we headed back to Vandy, but within half an hour, we stopped at McD because some of us were already hungry lol. chatted for an hour of so. so yeah this trip wasnt that bad. i learnt new stuff, like who is the Minister of International Trade and Industry ahahaha, before nie xtahu pun weyyy. =P lagi got to know new people, and like new people too. hahahaha. sapeeee? rahsiaaaaaa. <3