Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st final : mass transfer

I'll be sitting for a final at 2pm, roughly in 3 hours and a half.. I'm so darn tired, not really, but my brain is. and guess what? I haven't covered all the materials yet. they are just too, too many. praying for an easy final coming from Jennings? that is close to impossible people. wish me luck! terangkan hati supaya senang faham soalan, and cukup masa utk jawab. :(

Friday, April 22, 2011


so, i decided to use wordpress for now. not that im deleting this blog tho. i just need a change hee~ click here!

people, click the link pretty please!~~

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Soooo, hi people!

This week has been a hectic one! i don't know why, i only have one HW which I don't even looked at yet, and an exam last night, yes people, mass transfer. mass transfer doesn't rhyme with Hani! Prof. Jenning never fail to make me feel like a retarded for each exam. 0.o basically, IT WAS HARD.

the exam finished at 8pm, and i had my dinner and slept for an hour, but i couldn't really slept tho because i kept thinking that i have to wake up later that night. WHY?? because Hani needed to analyse data for her FINAL CHEME LAB! we finished at 3.30am and i only managed to sleep like after my Subuh prayer. that is like close to 6am i guess. and i couldn't sleep! my body was tired but my eyes won't closed! urgh!

then i woke up today at 10.30am and did my slides. until 12pm. yeah i didn't bath yet that time. at 12.25pm, i was preparing to go to arabic class, but then Wany ym-ed me and said that i read wrong data. but i cant change it now! i have the freakin presentation this evening! we have to send the lab report tomorrow. and so i didn't go to Arabic class. gosh Gure must be freaking pissed at us, especially me! i skipped his class for a week before. i was just too busy Gure!!!!!! T.T

off to lunch...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i dont have a tumblr, so i obviously cant reblog (wait, shouldnt it be retumblr? XD) so instead, i copy paste the image url. lol not funny Hani. (~>.>)~ --> this is supposed to look cute, but it kinda looks creepy in a way...

anyway, i have an exam tomorrow.. and i cant believe final exam is next week already! OMG..

the future that lies ahead me, its a scary thought.. okay gotta start do something. ciaow!~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the sight of you annoys me

last month's pms brought me to tear, this time, it fills me up with irrelevant hatred. sheesh sorry peeps.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

love story

elehhh korg expect aku nak cerita dekat sini ke? piiirahhhhh hahaha

i told dad and mom about someone. then..

dad : hani pikat juniors la (juniors as in younger than me). seniors tu hampas je, dah lama dah, yg orang tanak. juniors baru2 lg. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.

mom : hani jangan cari orang yang hani suka. amek orang yang suka hani. senang. macam mak, abah hang tu gila2kan mak sangat, smpai xleh tido malam. mak tengok muka boleh tahan la, pandai, pastu kewangan pun stabil, mak pun terima je la, senang hidup. hahaha perasan gile mak sape ntah. =P

Saturday, April 9, 2011

of three flavors

honey and vanilla are so-so friends. honey likes chocolate, but chocolate likes vanilla. :(

Saturday, April 2, 2011

100 facts about me #part 2

1) i listen to pop, rnb, a little bit of ballad, rock, sometimes metal, and of course KPOP! ^^

2) i used to like blue color the most, but now soft, pastel colors are my thing now. i don't really like dark colors because i kinda get influenced by colors a lot, dark colors ruined my mood, they make me pretty moody at times haha..

3) i don't watch cartoon since a few years ago, idk, maybe im too mature for cartoon already? LOL but i'll never get bored of Shin Chan! ^^

4) i like medical dramas such as House and Grey's Anatomy. i don't watch typical girls' dramas like Gossip Girl, Glee etc.. oh i like to watch horror movies even though im a scaredy cat! i need to watch it with at least one person though, so that i can hold on to her hand or hug or hide behind her hahahaha! *and oh i scream a lot too -_-' *

5) i am really picky, i won't eat something that i don't like even though i am very hungry at the very moment. and i don't really like sharing spoon or straw. its a hygiene thing for me..

6) im actually running out of ideas haha.. what else.. oh i don't drink coffee. so i usually get double chocolaty chip at Starbucks :D

7) i LOVE chocolate but vanilla is really not my thing. my friends are saying that im weird because vanilla flavor is the most favored by a lot of people.. but urgh i dont like it =P

8) even though i have lived in America for almost three years, i still can't get myself to love cheese. i can eat cheese in burger, but not mac and cheese, or anything that has a huge proportion of cheese.

9) i love travelling! i have been to panama, texas, los angeles, san fransisco, vegas, grand canyon, florida, miami, key west, purdue, new orleans and michigan! but i wish to go to Korea soon ^^

10) i wanna try travelling alone or with someone *cough3* sometime in the future.. =p


I should really call home more frequent from now on. dad cried! just now when I called him. and yesterday too, because he missed me. mom told me.. he was crying badly that my mom asked my twin to get a tissue for him. awww~ ;( I forgot April's Fool was his birthday, I was too caught up with my lab presentation and tonnes of assignments yesterday. I've never forgotten his birthday before. no wonder i felt something empty during this year's April's Fool. and he has been complaining about his legs that they have worsened, he even used a stick now. ;( his legs have been in pain since January, and he has been doing treatments but they don't really work..