Thursday, April 21, 2011


Soooo, hi people!

This week has been a hectic one! i don't know why, i only have one HW which I don't even looked at yet, and an exam last night, yes people, mass transfer. mass transfer doesn't rhyme with Hani! Prof. Jenning never fail to make me feel like a retarded for each exam. 0.o basically, IT WAS HARD.

the exam finished at 8pm, and i had my dinner and slept for an hour, but i couldn't really slept tho because i kept thinking that i have to wake up later that night. WHY?? because Hani needed to analyse data for her FINAL CHEME LAB! we finished at 3.30am and i only managed to sleep like after my Subuh prayer. that is like close to 6am i guess. and i couldn't sleep! my body was tired but my eyes won't closed! urgh!

then i woke up today at 10.30am and did my slides. until 12pm. yeah i didn't bath yet that time. at 12.25pm, i was preparing to go to arabic class, but then Wany ym-ed me and said that i read wrong data. but i cant change it now! i have the freakin presentation this evening! we have to send the lab report tomorrow. and so i didn't go to Arabic class. gosh Gure must be freaking pissed at us, especially me! i skipped his class for a week before. i was just too busy Gure!!!!!! T.T

off to lunch...

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