Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1.09am and a long way to go

i just downloaded flock browser. kinda exploring it right now, but going back to studying now.
and its pretty awesome. like i can post blog entry from here. n also there's like tiny side bar for facebook. n other stuff that im going to explore soon. do anticipate. focus physics! hopefully i'll do well eventhough i started revising rather late. -_-'

Blogged with the Flock Browser

definitely dissapointed. T_T

i know if i started long time beforeee, i would have got better. i am very sure. they seemed familiar but i cant recalled. you know how freakin annoying that made me felt. as if i'm an idiotic. i revised old stuff that i thought would linked to the new ones, but it seemed that failed. terribly disappointed. got scared, tried to focus on the coming one instead. now dat it seemed living is so hard.. felt like dying aahh.

i know things cant be changed, so i stopped complaining. n tried to make a life, surviving. but. im a person with no soul. aaah. :|