Wednesday, November 25, 2009

txgivin break

dis txgivin break is definitely wisely spent, LAGHA-ING. =.=
ive not done anything beneficial since last weekend, actually i planned to start studying on monday, but then, u know, this friggin syaitonnnnn around me. bad hani!

so today i started doin some calc, man,i just knew dat i had calc exam next week! i jotted down the wrong date in my journal, which is like the next 3 weeks! tx god i did check again! so next week, i'll be sitting for 3 xams, bio, math n also physics. crappppppppppppppppppp.

n last weekend i asked anyone for any ghost story, and sarah gave me da ghost anime. n i ended up watching it for da whole 2 days. dah taw takut tp tgok sorg, i guess its a big improvement. kekeke~
n then after i ended dat series, i crave for animes more. the first anime dat i searched turned out to be lesbian kind of anime, so long then. next, the anime dat i searched was like da 18sx. n the ending is just scary. basically there's this hot guy. he likes A for example, then B,which was a girl helped him to get A, n then soon enough the guy n B fell in luv. n after dat B's best friend turned out to like da guy too. n then da guy's friend from middle school turned out to like him too. n then da guy n B's classmate turned out to be having affair with the guy too. da guy n B were classmates. tsk2, gile hot mmat tu. dhla miang. pangggg nnt. n da ending? B killed the guy because he went to A back, n then A killed B n brought da guy's head to a yacht belonged to A's family. eeigee so weird. hehh.

okay i shud be continuing studying calc now. gotta end this chapter tonight. n started reading bio. u gotta ace dis one hani. ingatt xxxx 2nd exam hancurrrrr. sedar skitttt!!!! okay. bye. dun miss me too much.