Wednesday, June 10, 2009


5 favorite english songs currently. 

Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing  (video dia mcm video coldplay-the scientist, lagu ni romantic kott. =) )

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (every guy in her video is super HOT okay? @_@)

Kris Allen - Heartless (his version is something dat i could play many times, not as bored as the original version  meh..)

Arctic Monkey - Fluorescent Adolescent (who doesnt like this freakin cool song ftw?! =D )

Zee Avi - Bitter Heart (she's a malaysian, sweet husky song, she even has her songs on itunes., oh, she's a youtube star too. =P )

5 favorite korean songs currently.

Ha U Sun - Question (her video is banned in Korea, because, err, too sexy? but come on.. anyway, she attempted suicide, like duh! but i love this song!)

Kara - Same Heart (latest song from them, catchy, hihi)

SNSD / Girls Generation - Gee (oh well, who doesnt like them? =) i knew Tae Yeon from We Got Married and youtubed her, n walla~ just know about the group)

T-ara - Good Person (sedih okay lagu nie? n mantap gile vocals2, trust me! )

Lee Seon Kyun - Ocean Travel (awww~ this one is sweet. this is the coffee prince ost if im not mistaken. but i dont really watched the drama, i dont fancy the heroin, not so good acting. but anyway, he sang the song during his wedding currently, how romantic n cool n sweet is it? =P )

p/s :  okay2 sambung study balik. 

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