Tuesday, June 16, 2009


can i have someone like faidhi n shahrul here?

someone that i could trust wholly..

someone that i can express everything without hesitant..

someone that knew when i'm about to cry.. n ask me what's wrong..

someone that calms me down..

someone that shares his secrets with me, n me sharing secrets with him..

someone that knows how to cool me down, win me over something that i did wrong to make me feel better, and then advice me back to clear things up..

someone that just..don't lie..


Anonymous said...

dun be sad la hani~ u olwez have frens ere.. (pick me 2x *gaye donkey* :p)

dun woe bout the sad things bcoz then, there's a lot of good things is going to b missed out.. <3 cheers,
kakak usrah yg penyayang~ ahaks =)
:( --> :| --> :) --> ;)

HaNi! said...

haha.. im leaving the sad things behind but it had too much nice memories thou before this.. but couldn't help it. =)

Anonymous said...

im always beside you, just let me know when u need a shoulder to cry on..i am willingly to give u my shoulder..33 dollar per hour..ngeh2

HaNi! said...

oh, i dunno u, so i cant lend ur shoulder laaaaaa. haha~

saya fara said...

shoot la wei..
hw bout me?
not gud enuf eh?

*emo mode*

HaNi! said...

lol.. ko smbong skrg dgn ak. =(