Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sweet luvah

i just read and followed a blog successfully, spent almost an hour reading now i'm sleepy.

well i gotta thank someone for mentioning about this in her blog. it was like so damn cool i tell you!

well its about a girl that had an american bf, (cough2, its my turn next! =P). the cool thing is that they conversed through chatting for the whole two years without actually seeing each other! after that they started exchanging pics. well she actually kinda refused to give her pic to him after he had given his, not that he's not handsome, he is DARN HANDSOME I TELL YA! i felt like im being too immoral if im posting a pic of sumone's bf so you can go read the blog, i listed it already, called sweet luvah. well back to the story, she hesitated to give her pic because she kinda had low self esteem, she's not confidence with her appearance.

and guess what?

the guy saw her pic somewhere and was actually happy! she's a petite chubby girl with asian skin tone. i think she's cute and and at least she is not as thin as me! sooooo not appealing -_-''

so they live happily ever after~~ well dat's my wish to them but ahhh im so happy for her :)

Subconsciously, this is one of the key reasons why white men adore Asian women; Asian women are petite. Towering and lanky women don't turn (most) men on that much. Being big and tall represent dominance and men would still like to remain being the Alpha one.

ohhoooo, reading this makes me feel 100x better XD

she posted this, among other reasons why american guys like asian women.

--> well, i might get a chance, with a year left here, kah3!

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