Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Liter of Tear

have you ever heard or watch a story that WILL make you cry regardless of how many times that you watched it? i have one, and it is One Liter of Tear. i seriously cried almost 80-90% part of the story. im watching it AGAIN this spring break, and i'll be emo for a few days. aiyokk. so guys watch it!! here's the OST and a rather well-made MV of the drama


Deremind said...

haha budak2 my batch tak puas hati I didn't cry at all while watching this. :P

-first time komen kat sini :D-

HaNi! said...

kak nazirah kee, puas sy cari sape la deremind ni hehe~

kak nazirah ni xckup emo nih, kne transfer dr sy yg excessive nie huhu

Deremind said...

hahaha yer saya. pandai cari, bagus! :P :P :P

tu ah kan tak cukup emo. takpe, emo dlm hati je. keh3