Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my 2nd official summer class

it rained heavily. since i ended my lab early, i went home first. IN RAIN. now my head is sick. urgh.

n i was super excited when i finished the lab 15min before 3! while everyone else was waiting for their very first drop of distillation, i had already collected my last one. kih3. xtahu kenapa ak nye laju sgt. dhla first time habis lab awal2.

n then the lecture session. super urgh. dah xingt sgt bnde2 awal2 dlu belaja. those hybridization things. =.=

oh btw, someone forgot to buy me a souvenir huaaaaaaa. siap ckap either i mistaken A for someone else. (because i asked from almost everyone for souvenirs hahahaha!) :(

okay la off to bath n study.. hikhikhik!!

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