Wednesday, September 16, 2009

love stories

i have two love stories to be shared this night.

firstly, A has been eyeing on me since i first came in 2008 or 2007? forgot mehh...
but A has to wait for a semester to approach me. why? because its how things worked between us. im sorry A, i know you have been eyeing on me for a semester, now that you got the chance to meet me, for 2 semesters now, i just dont seem to have the same feeling toward you. i tried spending time with you, dating you every weekend, even sometimes i refused to, but you give me no choice, but things just dont worked out. im sorry.

and B, we met this semester. boy you amazed me with all those interesting tiny fun facts about you. you drive me crazy B. almost every night. but you are so hard to get. you want to be with me. but you make things hard for me. is this what we call a true love? well i do hope so. like really2 hope so. like seriously B. but if only you were nicer to me... i know its not entirely your fault. they make you be hard on me. they. haha. with such authority, they try to tear us apart, boy i cant live without you. B, i really hope our love blossoms. hopefully we'll go through this patiently. =)

i love you B!!!!!!

A : physics

B : biological science


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