Saturday, July 31, 2010


living with 10 people under one roof can be both fun and stressing at times. people can get too loud. people can be too quiet. it depends on what the circumstances are; if ur studying for an exam, being too loud can be a bit of a pain in the ass. and if ur bored and no one is there, then that sucks too. haha. we usually play rockband on weekends sometimes. or watch movies. or chitchat. girls' thing..

n eating is another thing. its hard to divide stuff with 10 people. because some dont eat at all, i mean she buys her food by herself. n some eat, but they dont pay. *cough2* now that is a pain in the ass. so i sometimes buy stuff for the house. since i cant cook lol, that's the only way that i think i can be fair to everyone.

so yeah, it depends on how you see things. i'll be leavin mayfield in less than a month, im sure im gonna miss this house; i got to b closer to people that i barely talk before. n learn about people too, their attitude.

sekian report pglaman mayfield saya. off to orgo report.

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