Tuesday, August 10, 2010


so dis is my 5th year celebrating ramadhan without my family, including the years in taiping. i still remembered how i cried n the first day of fasting in taiping, haha.. since that is my 1st year in boarding school, and the rest like me cried as well.. :)

i dont remember the food, maybe just average. n i rarely went to sahur, coz im too sleepy. n during tarawih, we performed it in the hall, felt so much more comfortable with air conditioner in it. n i was looking forward to the imam as well, haha.. well apprently i like one of my senior, so when it was his turn, i was all geared up hahahahaa..

i performed tarawih tonight at my room because i woke up late. i still had classes until friday and we are moving out this saturday, urgh that's gonna be tough. oh, the cute guy in my class is going to take the exam on thursday, a day earlier. gonna miss him lol.. he broke his hand last week, i wonder what happened.
ps: he looked so much more fine with the cast, hahahaa, am i being too weird? lol.

lab exam was good, i hope so. im gonna miss my TA, n my friends in the lab. seriously i love orgo lab! it was so much fun!

i have no idea of what to eat to break my fast from now onwards.. oh now i feel more braver? since its ramadhan guys, haaha.. but still i dun think i cud muster enough courage to watch horror movies. =P

its 12am right now. hurm, i think dats it for now.. just wanna have a new entry, not dat something big happened haha.. might call home today, kalau rajin la haha..


.fadheR. said...

suke jugakkkk lab orgo! but not the report part. kah3

HaNi! said...

hihihi :)