Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snow snow snow!

we are getting a lot of snow this december! which is RARE in my place because southern areas dont really have snow, but still very cold! we usually have snow in January.

its -13celcius right now. i had an exam yesterday, i only had leftover from Chilli's the day before that, so that is basically what i only had yesterday! and i slept after the exam, n i just woke up at 5.30am. n i am soooooo hungry right now! i have to not care about the cold, i must get my breakfast! i am so hungry that my stomach is sick. ahhh i wonder why people gained weight in winter while i lose mine, im not eating properly right now. so sad, i wish someone could cook for me. :( mommy!

off to bath n off to eat!


Aishah Esa said...

aww ur too kurus to not makan banyak2 ok ?
omg sekarang selera bertmbah balik cm dlu2.
mati la gemok balik =.='
walaupon ak rse ak tak kurus pon.
aa wat to do ?

[Dr Nu@r] said...

huhu. xnak makan sbb exam ke apa? makan la buku. lol. neway, mana gambar? nak tgk snow! huhu