Saturday, May 9, 2009

senior farewell party, dinner n crap!!

we had senior farewell party last nite n the theme was ' masquerade on titanic'. everyone dressed up n wore mask. i bought a handheld one, anep n zed bought it for me, i'll pay you like later on okay anep? sorrryyyy coz i didn't withdraw money yet, i'll pay you soon, sorry! =(

mey,aliya,noel,bae n fish performed first with the titanic song, they played with piano. n then slides by the freshmen, we sorta imitate trademark of the seniors, lol.. n da rest were singing n playing guitars, drums..

n then eating time! the chicken were delicious but a bit spicy? huhu.. n the 'pajeri nenas', dat reminded me of my village style of 'pajeri nenas', the taste.. n also bunches of desserts.. yummy!
ive not been eating like for da wholeeeee day so i became so sleepy after filling my stomach, hihi..
n people were snapping pictures.. n zairin n baba won the best dress awards for dat night.

its funny too seeing people wearing the same dresses, but thanks to make up, they looked different.. most sophomores were wearing gorgeous dresses n gowns..*jealousy in the air* haha~ mia n acap were da mcs for dat nite..

okay dat was the summary for last nite, as for today, we had sorta dinner with the seniors and their families. we ate tandoori chicken n bread pudding n brownies n dats all riteeee??? i forgot already. the bread pudding was awesomeeeeeenessssss!! me likeee~~ =) and then it was a bit bored since there's only the eating part while the seniors had slides prepared for them. ganu n bae were the mcs.. n since im bored, so i kept using lily's camera, snapping pictures. there's one time that i took picture of hafiz sleeping, huahuahua! n some other random pictures, n pardon me for the blurriness, yeah i noe i suck in taking pictures, oh crappppppp.. hehe..n some of us weren't there.. some went to almaghrib, n some just wanna rest im assuming? huhu~

n after dat the freshmen were incharged of washing stuff, it took half an hour, it was fun since many people were involved, the task were divided n became lesser and i enjoyed it. hehe.. oh thanx afnan for allowing us to mess up ur house, hihihi..

n da BIGGEST CRAP OF ALL!! my laptop rosak okay for godsake, wargh2!!! bae said dat the motherboard might be the mess, like crap aaa, so ur screwing up during summer?! shooootttt!! who got 2 laptops dat were kind enough to lend me one this comin few weeks? =( huhu.. *sigh* pleaseeeeee??

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