Sunday, January 10, 2010


bgunan dkt sini sgtlahhhh cantikkkk. rse mcm dlm dunia kartun. :)

basah lencun lpas main popeye. u def hav to bring ur poncho! 5/5!

10 out of 5! i hate waiting so much esp dat dis spiderman ride required us 2 wait for 2 friggin hours! but i enjoyed it sooooooo much! its a must for evryone to play dis one!

popeye! mula2 ade technical difficulties, tx god they mnaged to fix it dat day.


ripsaw falls! seriously recommended! bring ur poncho too!

a walk tour over this building,cant recall its name. has 2 wait for an hr,so we didnt wait coz rse cm xworth over just a tour

u see da shirt 'thing 1'? its like a hugeeee trend in universal studio

a must have pic, hihi

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