Sunday, February 21, 2010


olla~~ it has been a long time since i last posted stuff here right? ive been checking my blog everyday, to see if there's a single human dat might be interested to read my blog,but nahhh. zero! haha, doesnt matter. it actually does matter. but no la. heh kelingggg.

study has been okay. except for thermodynamic. shit hell. MSE was boring but not tough. econ was okay, a graph a day makes me insane!! i felt like stupid studying econ, its like our life can be easily described by a friggin graph. haha~ MAtlab is okay, not as tough as during freshman days, but when it comes to doing the Mfile,man dat sucks. Math is boring as hell, i cant even finished one subchapter tonight! end up not studying. gonna kickass tomorrow. do my matlab hw and study math a bit.

last week i got 3 exams, urghh. tx god they were all on diff days, cudnt take it anymore just like the previous sem, n then on friday i watched 'shutter island'. i thought it wud be scary, n i was like regretting it before the movie even started. n yeah the movie was boring, too many conversations, but the storyline is awesome! i wud give it 4 out of 5. simply put, we were deceived to believe dat leonardo is on the right side, turn out it was the wholeeeee diff story. one hell of a story. go watch it! you might be bored but just hang onnnn, i guarantee you it will all worth it at the end.

n then just now i watched 'my name is khan'. hurm, so so la. id give it 2.5-3 out of 5. its great watchin ur old bf in action, hihi. i loveeeee shah rukh when i was a kid. :) but i kinda dissatisfied with the movie a bit bcause shah rukh who portrayed muslim in the movie married a hindu woman. in islam, if they were to marry, Kajol must convert to Islam first. so yeah, kinda afraid the americans or other people out there get the wrong concept about that.

and. hurm. wut elseeee. oh ive been thrilled to sort of write my wish list here. so that maybe (uhuk2) i would get these things sooner or later. hik2~

1) aya's diary in english (this is a book,well actuary a diary, from the story 1 litre of tear)
2) a hugeeeeeee teddy bear
3) iphone (considering to get one dis summer)
4) 2NE1's album and blackjack Tshirt
5) GD's album
6) a bf.... hihihi ^^


Mimie said...

uuuu bf uuuuuu

HaNi! said...

shit nmpak jeeeeeeee. ;)