Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First post!

wow. erm, haha. its 5.01am and I'm still not sleeping. well, I'm about to.. but it's just that something just triggers me to make this public blog. lol~ I have been considering to have a public one since like the end of spring semester. so that people would know updates of my life here I'm assuming. well, for those who are concerned still. haha~ besides, im damn bored this summer. like my 3 months of holidays has just started, and my hellish time would be in June and July if I'm not mistaken since I'll be takin organic chemistry so I just want to make full use of May to relax and catch up on things I guess (like gossipin, stalking, studyin, n also doing ibadat, huhu..).well, just a brief introduction I'll be making:

:Nur Farahani Nordin:
:About to be 19 years old:
:Engineer wannabe:

da end. (i told you its simple! hihi..)

oh n here's the song for today. huhu~~



amir said...

bajet ja ni
hani at vandy..hehehe..
truskn usaha anda hani..

haniatvandy said...

eh eh, amir pun nak buat? lol~~ =)

kunang said...

hani at vandy??

haniatvandy said...

i noe the name is a bit lame, but who cares. haha~

Anonymous said...

adik hani dah ade blog. phewwww~

-kakak hot-

haniatvandy said...

haha, i noe its you ira! i got private one already la. this one is da public one. huhu~