Tuesday, May 5, 2009

another boring night..

omg, i am so freakin bored. it is tuesday night and here i am, stucked in room doing nothing.just ate at dayah's room, she cooked char kuey teaow. thanx! =)

and we have to send our results to the sponsor by the end of the month. and i still didn't tell my parents anything. i got 2 weeks to tell them before they go to Mecca. gosh i am so freakin scared, haha. aih.

i tend to write things in short, so get used to it. haha. sorry. oh boy, i wanna watch movie, 'obsessed' or '17 again'; last few days i went watchin movie with couple of sophomores. we watched 'xmen', the thing dat made me so eager to watch it was that i watched a clip of some sort of korean show where daniel henney brought hugh jackman to the show. and hugh was so friendly with them, and that made me wanna watch it, besides the fact that daniel henney is so freakin hot? too bad that he was the bad guy in 'xmen'. aww..

i tried my dress just now, you know, for the senior farewell thing, just need to find the right heels. i dont think im goin to buy one because ive been spending like hundreds of dollars since the past few days, i noe, im not the thrifty type, haha..

haha. omg, i just can't stop smiling, how i had changed a lot, being this feminine. lmao! ;)
and we have to wear mask, not that its compulsory, but since its the theme, it would be nicer if everyone follows the theme. too bad i couldn't find the right one, i mean the mask. and since im wearing specs, it would be a bit troublesome for me. hahaha!

can you see the top,right mask, the pink one? im planning to buy that one, but it seems that the seller can't send it before thursday. pretty right? hihi..

p/s : my specs is certainly way looking better than this nerdy one, huahuahua~~ =)

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