Thursday, May 14, 2009

just a quick updates..

i went to ITS to pick up my lappy at 2pm n they said dat they were waitin for the motherboard to arrive, and by 3.15, they closed the ticket and said that the laptop was ready to be picked up, so why on earth would you give me message earlier about my laptop, the message was as if the laptop was ready to be picked up already. pfft. and by 3.15, i was already in Chillies. at first, we went to Bread n Co. , but i prefer havin something heavier as my brunch y'all can say. so we headed to the Chillies. n then we went to the Centennial Park, walk a bit, enjoying the evening breeze, chatting n gossiping, n we headed back home. dem, esok kne pegi fgh blik, erghhhh.

oh, i wanna go shopping kot dis wiken. need to buy a watch for my sis, n also somethin from my other sis, ergh, so fussy. @_@

n my mom wont allow me to go to midwest, but my dad gave me the greenlight already, n then ajat xkasi pegi pula. but im not planning to go btw because the freshies that are going are less than 10 kotttt.. gile xbest. n i dont think im goin to make it next yr too since im goin back maa. but dat is still not sure yet. n i already bought a pair of running shoes okay? n a bunch of socks. i spent 80usd something for them, erghhhhhh, die3.. i need money, haha!

n we are still not moving to our house, since our BELOVED daddy still dont receive anything from the housing people. aiya.. n classes are starting this 2nd june. n my parents are going to mecca by the end of May. n ive been watching ghost stories okay like almost everynight. i even watch the Thai horror movie, 'coming soon'! popo said that da story was scary, so i was a bit bangga sbb brani kan tgok crite tu? =P put aside la the screaming part, everyone scream n frightened. kot... =S

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