Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Wife Got Married

i had just finished watching a Korean movie titled 'My Wife Got Married'. it was released last October, 2008. the story, erm, i could say should be rated 18SX? lol, but like seriously, don't let kiddos watch them, haha.. *blush2*

to make it simple, its about a guy dat i would call A; dat falls in love with a girl, B. n B is not da typical type of girl. she's a bit wild i would say, she always went back home late, drunken. She wants to be free, she does not want to belong to others and vice versa. n A was pissed off when once she got home late, drunken, and slept with another guy. and the guy broke off.

yet, A just could't let B go like that, because he loves her too much and B too (but i doubt it, pfft). so they got back together, and A's friend said that a playgirl like her would be a good wife and mother. so A kept asking her to marry him. and she rejected them like hundreds of times, and B finally agreed when A proposed her in a soccer match. oh yeah, A likes Real, i guessed that means he likes Real Madrid right? n B likes Barcelona. and they kept arguing about bunch of soccer players like Zidane, Dini? ergh, i suck at soccer, sorry2, hehe~ =P

and it wasnt dat long until she wanted to move to other district im assuming for a better job, but they are still together. until, one day, B said that she has someone else, and like for sure A was freakin out. but he won't divorced her. and B doesnt want a divorce too, she wants both, pfft, tahu aa cantik. =S n to make it short, B happens to like C, another guy that B said was similar with her, i mean their personalities. and B said dat she could see their future with C.

so it was like weekdays with C, and weekend with A. stupid! n the movie goes on with B being pregnant. and B wont tell who is the father because it was like if the baby is A's, then C would not love that baby and vice versa. n until B gave birth, and it was like the baby's 1st birthday, both A and C make some sort of parties to celebrate it. and before dat, A work members showed him a magazine dat showed B n C. n the work members thought that he was divorced, and of course no one knows that these bunch of idiots were practicing bigamy. so he was like devastated. so after his side of family celebrating the baby's birthday, he went to B and C's birthday party and A told everyone that B is his wife and that baby is his.

so B left them both, went to Barcelona kot..and A and C kinda of like become closer. before this, A kept calling C bastard. haha! n C told A dat the baby is A's. n they even used birth control. n the baby is named (family name) Zidane, instead of C's favorite player. n about they appearing in the magazine, C's cousin made it. B don't even know. so it was not B's blame.

n one day B sent A 2 flight tickets, for A n C laa, to go to barcelona. n they went. n A sort of had accepted C, n he even imagined they living together in a 2-floor houses, having their food separated and so on.

i would say the movie is so-so. rated 3.5 out of 5. but the thing dat im not fancy is like its because of such movie dat make such wrong things like bigamy was being more accepted nowadays. its a bad thing, everyone knows, but such acts can influence people indirectly, sort of changing people's mind slowly. da same goes to da gay lesbian thing. all those things are wrong. so, we just can't have the mindset of, 'you guys are big enough, wise enough to think which one is right, and which one is wrong'. such perception is just,for me,not sufficient. we need to advice each other, accept other's opinion, just relying on our so called fair,wise thinking,i don't think such thing is relevant to be applied now.

damn, so serious for da sake of one silly movie. =P

p/s : oh yeah, one thing dat i found interesting is that when B said dat some bunch of people, Africans kot, ntah, that is tired or bored with their partner will give their partner a leaf, signifying that their presence or their position is as light as the leave. means the partner is not important anymore. or even simpler, LETS BREAK UP. haha. =)

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